Theyokulain Dhivehi raaje

This series of eighteen triptych was commissioned by the National art gallery of Maldives in 2008. Hence “Theyokulain Dhivehi raaje” curated by Mohamed Mamdhooh Waheed was Eagan’s first solo exhibition.

 These paintings depicted life of the rural Maldives some here decades ago. These paintings depicted Women washing pots by the beach, and women weaving Cajun, houses and dwellings made from Cajun and thatch. Wooden jetties and children playing by the sea. Sailing trade boats and fisher men, taro and kankun harvesting, women in colourful traditional dress fetching water from the mosque well. And a scene of men and women performing Boduberu. Vanishing horizon that contradicts vogue and thinking of contemporary Maldivian.

Ala olhu, oil on canvas, triptych 70cm x 150cm 2008, is one of the 18 triptych exhibited at this show.